Broadcasting with Slackware 14.0

Need to broadcast using Slackware? Hopefully this tutorial will be of some assistance to you. It took me many weeks of trial and error to get this all sorted out but it was worth it. I will step you through the set up of the loopback soundcard and the alsa to jack bridge and how to mix audio in alsa to achieve a very versatile setup to be proud of. Click here to find out how it is done.

Broadcasting with Lubuntu

If you need to broadcast using Lubuntu here is a short tutorial which was put together by timfromtang, thanks tim. Click here to find out how it is done.

Re-streaming Audio from Youtube Videos

Do you have a slow computer and need to restream a live youtube show. The following little script uses mplayer and youtube-dl to connect to youtube download the stream. mplayer is used using --novideo option to just play the audio. You can then route that signal through the idjc aux channels for restreaming to the server. Just download this Script save it and make it executable. You will also need to create a text file in your home directory called cookie.txt. Then to use it call the script passing the url of the youtube as the first argument to the command.

Getting extra sound hardware into jack audio

This is a very basic tutorial on how to get extra sound hardware into jack audio for re-routing to idjc. If this is what you are looking for click here to find out how.

Creating a Persistent Ubuntu USB Install

If you need an install of Ubuntu on a pen drive then follow the instructions here to get it sorted the linux way. we could have used a GUI but I dont find that they work but this is complex so read a few times first to get the gist of it and then go for the set up. I is not as complex as it first looks and you will get it done in no time once you understand the principles.